Do you have questions about how Maple can help you and your family?

Responses to common questions about Maple

Go to to register for a Maple account or click on ‘Sign in’ at the top right corner to link coverage to an existing Maple account.

Maple services are offered on a policy basis. In the situation where both husband and wife are covered under their own individual CI policy, each will get 4 consultations. There will be total of 8 consultations between the 4 of them.

Maple is offered along with CI coverage and ends with it. Except in cases where the policy is terminated upon claim settlement or insured's death in which case it continues for another year from that date. Once the service ends from ivari, clients can continue to access their Maple account and access virtual care services directly from Maple by paying for the service.

Yes absolutely – new immigrants to Canada as well as dependents of an insured can access the service provided by Maple. Eligible dependents are anyone in the policyholder’s household who is either a spouse, a child under 18, or an elderly dependent for whom they have power of attorney for medical decision making.

You can see a general practitioner on Maple using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you have an iPhone / iPad, or Android device you can download the Maple mobile application. Maple is also available on desktop / laptop computers, via modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and IE 11.

Yes! Think of Maple as the connecting platform between you and the doctors. Just like an in-person visit, the doctor is responsible for assessing the situation, understanding your medical history, asking you questions about your symptoms, and providing treatment accordingly. If the doctor is not able to help on Maple, they will let you know to visit a clinic or a hospital instead.

Maple outsources the hosting of its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is the world’s leading cloud infrastructure provider. Maple uses AWS resources located in the Canada (Central) Region.

Maple’s in-app experience, communications, onboarding, and physician consultations are all available in both English and French.  You can easily switch language preferences within your account settings. If you speak another language, you are welcome to have a translator with you to guide you through the process.

Each consultation is completely private and safe, and always delivered by a Canadian-licensed general practitioner who is required to maintain confidentiality, just as they would in their office. Personal and private health information is never shared with anybody. Only the treating physician can view the information. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. You have full control and ownership over your personal health information at all times, and only you decide how you want to share it.

Maple doctors are Canadian-licensed physicians who are experts in the medical field. They practice family and emergency medicine in Canada. Maple doctors are hand-selected and represent the same providers you could see in person.

Maple is not intended to replace the care of a family doctor. Maple can be helpful for those that do not have a family physician. For those that do, we provide a way to manage urgent primary care issues that arise when you cannot get in to see your family doctor.

Account holders can create patient profiles for each eligible dependent on their Maple account. Click on the “Patients” tab to add their details.

Eligible dependents are anyone in the policyholder’s household who is either a spouse, a child under 18, or an elderly dependent for whom they have power of attorney for medical decision making.

Insured minors with insured parents: In this case, the parent who is insured would create their own Maple account and add their child as a dependent on this account.  When the insured minor wants to get care, they can access their profile through their parent’s account.

  • Insured minors without insured parents: Because minors are under 18, they cannot create their own account on the Maple platform.
  • To see specific instructions for parents to create a Maple account on behalf of their minor children visit:

You will access Maple through your smartphone or tablet (via the Maple app) or through your laptop or desktop (via your web browser). Once you have requested a consultation through the app, the conversation starts in instant message but can then be converted into video or a conference call (phone), if preferred.

While 91% of visits are safely and effectively treated virtually, all medical decisions are at the discretion of each individual doctor. If they think a medical issue cannot be safely addressed online or it is inappropriate for telemedicine, they may tell you to go to a clinic for an in-person, physical examination.

Yes! Maple is available across Canada and you can even use it when travelling internationally for medical advice from a Canadian doctor.

Consultation summaries (including a transcript of the conversation, any diagnosis that was made, any prescription that was issued, etc.) are saved within the app.  You have full control of your records and can fax this to your insurer or family doctor, if required. Please note that Maple doctors cannot fill out external forms.

The four annual “virtual” general practitioner consultations renew on a yearly basis, based on when you register. For example: if you registered on January 1, 2022 your coverage would refresh on January 1, 2023.

The Expert Medical Opinion service can be used on an unlimited basis for covered conditions. It is available for the persons insured on the CI policy.

Yes, the covered conditions are those specified in your CI policy (4 or 25).

When requesting an Expert Medical Opinion on Maple, it’s best for you to have as much information as possible, though a claim is not explicitly required. Our recommendation is to include documentation of the initial diagnosis from a specialist, any related medical records, and details about your medical history that may be deemed relevant.

Maple does not offer carry-over of unused consultations into the following year.

The requirement is a declaration that reads:

"By checking this box, I certify that I am the legal guardian, power of attorney, representative of the custodian, or have another form of legal authority for medical decisions for this patient. This includes the authority to view health records for this patient and help them access healthcare. Legal authority is implied for a spouse or children under 18."