Inforce products

“Inforce product” refers to ivari’s segregated fund , Guaranteed Interest Account (GIA) and Daily Interest Account (DIA) products that were available under the investment product line of businesses beginning in the 1970s and until March 2, 2020.

ivari’s Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) remains available for new sales with no changes at this time.

Currently, ivari's segregated fund, Guaranteed Interest Account ( GIA ) and Daily Interest Account ( DIA) products are closed to new policies. If you own one of these products, ivari will continue to honour your policy, and the terms of your contract will remain unchanged. ivari will continue providing customer service on these products.

If you have a segregated investment fund product with ivari, you can get updated information here.

Investment Products Additional Deposits Policy

Effective as of the close of business on March 2, 2020:

For all existing segregated fund, GIA and DIA, products that are available under the investment product line of business:

  • If applicable, additional deposits will no longer be accepted.
  • Existing PAC plans will be stopped.
  • imaxxGIF is available for transfers from an existing GROWSafe 94 or IMS I, II, and III Contract registered as an RSP, LIRA or LRSP to an imaxxGIF Contract registered as a RIF, LIF, PRIF or RLIF.
  • Investment Manager Series (IMS), NN Registered Retirement Income Fund (NN RRIF), NN Asset Accumulation Plan (NNAAP), Equity Linked Annuity Policy (ELAP), Money Market (MM), Balanced Investment Growth (BIG), Agent's plan (Seg A) and Segregated Fund 1 (72) products have been closed for new policies, additional deposits and PACs for many years.