Let’s talk about… annuities

ivari’s Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIAs) provide guaranteed regular payments made to you for life, or for a specific period of time, in return for a lump sum premium.

ivari offers three types of annuities:

*"Without a guarantee period" is available on registered plans only.

Key benefits of an ivari SPIA

SPIAs allow you to convert a registered or non-registered lump sum into a regular stream of income that can be guaranteed for the life of one or two annuitants, or for a specified period of time.

Key benefits include:

  • Guaranteed income:  With a SPIA, there's no danger of you outliving your capital. Your future income is guaranteed, and you will know exactly how much income you receive for life or for the period you have chosen.
  • Premium guarantee:  If the annuitant and the successor annuitant should die before the first payment date, ivari will return the entire premium in one lump sum to the beneficiary.
  • Easy to manage:  You don't need to be concerned about ongoing investments or management decisions. Once you purchase a SPIA, the regular stream of income is guaranteed.
  • Tax-efficient income:  A SPIA immediately converts a lump sum of money into a stream of tax-efficient income.
  • Potential creditor protection:  As an insurance product, a SPIA gives you the ability to name a family member as your beneficiary. Accordingly, your investments may be protected from creditor claims. A number of conditions or restrictions could apply. Please consult a legal advisor for more information about creditor protection.
  • Estate planning:  Since a beneficiary can be named within a SPIA, payment to the estate, as well as the costs and delays associated with probating a will, is bypassed.