Self-Care Tips for Wellness

This October, we celebrate our one-year partnership anniversary with Maple virtual health care. And, we are happy to report that it’s been a mutual success! We have received positive customer ratings, with encouraging comments like, “Very accessible and helpful for people who cannot easily find an available walk-in clinic or who does not have a family doctor yet.”

The services of Maple are offered as a no-cost, value-added benefit for persons insured under an ivari Critical Illness policy and can be shared with their eligible dependents. Services include 24/7/365 online access to Canadian licensed doctors for medical consultations, prescriptions, referrals, and more. Share all the good Maple has to offer with your existing and potential CI customers:

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Together with Maple, we are bringing you a series of articles written to help you understand and better manage day-to-day health concerns.

Self-care can come in a lot of different forms, but we know it isn’t always easy to make time for yourself. To help achieve overall wellness, here are three self-care tips you should consider:

  1. Make time for exercise
    Small acts of daily exercise are one of the best ways to practice self-care and alleviate stress by releasing dopamine for overall wellness and satisfaction. You don’t have to do an extensive workout. Just 20 minutes of daily exercise will do the trick!
  2. Get enough sleep
    A lack of sleep can have many effects such as an increased risk of chronic illnesses, being irritable, and being unable to perform daily tasks. Getting at least seven hours of sleep is critical for any self-care routine.
  3. Try journaling
    Mental health is a huge aspect of self-care, and journaling can be effective for mental health support. Studies show that journaling is also linked to physical health benefits such as low blood pressure. For example, try taking 5 minutes before bed each day to reflect on three things you are grateful for.

It’s important to learn how to incorporate small daily self-care habits into your life to make an impact on your overall wellness.

Share these tips with your policyholders and remind them to visit for more information on their Maple coverage.