Virtual Healthcare by Maple…a thoughtful added benefit!

With ivari’s Critical Illness Insurance, persons insured and their eligible dependents* have free access to round-the-clock online medical care from qualified medical professionals without ever having to meet in-person. It’s quick, easy, safe, and convenient!

Benefits of Virtual Healthcare by Maple:

  • Connect with a doctor in under five minutes
  • Access care around the clock (up to 4 consultations annually)
  • Communicate via text, video, or audio
  • Receive advice, prescriptions, labs, and more
  • Manage and store your medical records
  • Obtain expert medical opinions from specialty providers

Maple resources

Learn more about ivari’s Critical Illness Protection insurance here.

*Eligible dependents are anyone for whom the person insured is legally authorized to make healthcare decisions (e.g., a partner, a child under 18, or an elderly dependent). Read Maple's Privacy Policy for more details. “Partner” means a person with whom the Insured is (a) legally married, (b) in a civil union, (c) in common law relationship, (d) live together in domestic partnership, or in an adult interdependent relationship and either have lived together for at least one (1) year or are together the parents of a child.

Virtual Healthcare by Maple is a non-contractual benefit and is subject to program availability.