Exciting news for you and your CI clients

Introducing…Virtual Healthcare by Maple!

Starting in October 2021, persons insured under CI policies will have access to Virtual Healthcare by Maple, our new CI added-benefit provider. With Maple, persons insured under CI policies will have access to covered online general practitioner visits and an expert medical opinion service which will replace Advance Medical by Teladoc*. As both the Advance Medical by Teledoc and Virtual Healthcare by Maple benefits are non-contractual, this change will not impact the terms of your clients’ existing CI policies.

*Expert Medical Opinion Service requests that have already been initiated with Teladoc Health will continue to be handled by Teladoc Health until the request is complete.

Get the care you need with Maple

Maple allows persons insured under CI policies to get quick medical advice and treatment from a qualified medical professional without having to meet in-person. Persons insured under CI policies are able to:

1) Receive immediate medical care from a Canadian-licensed doctor online in under five minutes, accessible up to four times per year (per each insured). This free, easy-to-use service is available to the persons insured under CI policies and can be shared with their partner and eligible dependents**; and

2) Connect with specialist providers for expert medical opinions for a specified list of covered conditions.

Benefits of Virtual Healthcare by Maple:

  • Connect with a doctor in under five minutes
  • Get care around the clock, 24/7/365
  • Communicate via text, video, or audio
  • Receive advice, prescriptions, labs, and more
  • Manage and store your medical records
  • Obtain expert medical opinions from specialty providers

This free, easy-to-use virtual service is especially beneficial for:

  • Those currently without a doctor
  • Those who have trouble booking a timely appointment with their family doctor
  • Those looking for a complementary care service that enables them to take a proactive approach to their healthcare


Let your clients know about this new service today!

Now is a great time to reach out to clients who have a CI policy with ivari, or who may be a good candidate for a CI policy to let them know about all the ways that Virtual Healthcare by Maple can help them and their loved ones.

Share this brochure with your clients to help them learn more about their coverage and how to access Virtual Healthcare by Maple (FAQ included).

**Eligible dependents are anyone for whom the person insured is legally authorized to make healthcare decisions (e.g., a partner, a child under 18, or an elderly dependent). Read Maple's Privacy Policy for more details. “Partner” means a person with whom the Insured is (a) legally married, (b) in a civil union, (c) in common law relationship, (d) live together in domestic partnership, or in an adult interdependent relationship and either have lived together for at least one (1) year or are together the parents of a child.

Virtual Healthcare by Maple is a non-contractual benefit and is subject to program availability.