Continuing Education (CE)…learning is growing!

Continuing Education (CE) is learning that helps fulfill the knowledge required to maintain a standard of professional competence and remain current in an ever-changing industry.

CE requirements

CE requirements vary by province, for example: Continuing education is mandatory for advisors in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan. The number of credits and completion periods also vary. If you are licensed in more than one province that has CE requirements, you will have to complete the required CE credits for each province that you are licensed in. If you are not sure what the requirements in your province are, or how they may have changed, visit your province’s insurance council website.

Did you know…

Missing CE credits is one of the top non-compliance issues. Remember, you could be audited by your provincial body to ensure compliance and face penalties should issues arise.

Tips & tricks

  • Use a system to track your CE completions. We suggest keeping a spreadsheet with the course title, date, provider, and CE code details.
  • Save your CE certificates for at least 5 years.
  • Once you have completed an eLearning module or attended a session that is CE accredited, save the certificate or print it off. Remember, you are responsible for keeping a record of your own CE certificates.

If you have questions about CE credits, please review our FAQ, reach out to your ivari Sales Director or email [email protected].