Everest Funeral Concierge Service - exclusively for WFG

Value-added benefits from ivari provide access to extra services and support at no additional cost. When offered with an insurance policy from ivari, your customers will have valuable insurance protection along with additional benefits for today and into the future.

Exclusively for WFG - ivari has partnered with Everest Concierge Funeral Services to offer a unique solution that can save people thousands of dollars and hours of stressful planning.

The life insured under an ivari prosperity Universal Life insurance policy has access to Everest Concierge Services to help plan for and deal with a funeral.

Everest is a funeral planning and concierge service. When help is needed, the 24/7 Everest Advisors are one phone call away, ready to personalize the funeral plan, compare and negotiate best prices, and work with the insurance company to get monies to the beneficiary in as little as 48 hours after death.

This value-added service is available on prosperity Universal life coverages with a face amount of $100,000 or above at the time of issue. Not available on replacements or on joint applications. Customers are required to provide their opt-in consent to Everest Services.

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For more information, please contact your WFG Sales team.

Everest Funeral Concierge Services is non-contractual and is subject to program availability.