Login screen

How do I log in?

Log into ivari.ca to get the access code.

Language toggle

How do I change my language preference?

You can change your language preference by clicking on the blue button at the top left of the screen.


How do I log into webcappow?

Click on the “webCappow” tab and then enter your username and password to login to webCappow.


How do I search for the forms I need?

You can search for forms by keyword, name or form number. We also have quick links to the most commonly searched forms.

Marketing materials

Where can I find marketing materials?

Marketing Materials are under the “Marketing” tab.

How can I share marketing materials with customers?

You can click on the article (Marketing) and then scroll down to the page then click on the share icons (Facebook, Twiter, Linkedin, email ,etc) to share it.


Where can I find an eApplication?

AppVantage can be found under the eApplication tab

Social Share

What is Social Share?

Social Share is a series of articles that you can share with your customers on Facebook and Twitter.

How do I share this content with customers?

Each article in Social Share has buttons for Facebook and Twitter. Simply click on the button and the article will be automatically shared!

Messages and Notifications

Where can I find my messages and notifications?

News and Messages can be found under the “News” and “Messages” tab

Alerts such as system outage on the web will be posted in the Messages section of the app.

ivari info

Where can I find the current issue of ivari info?

You can find the current and past issues of ivari info by clicking on the ivari info button.

Where can I find back issues of ivari info?

You can find current and past issues of ivari info in the “News” section under the “For Advisors” tab on ivari.ca.