Getting ready for your life insurance paramedical or telephone interview

After applying for your life insurance you will most likely have either a paramedical exam or a telephone interview to help determine your insurance eligibility and risk.

1. Telephone interview:

A telephone interview is an interview over the phone with an ivari service provider and will take between 30-40 minutes. The telephone interview will include questions about your medical history, lifestyle and other information required to assess your insurance application. Depending on your responses to the initial questions, there may be follow up questions that include topics other than those mentioned below. The purpose of any questions asked is only to determine your insurability.

To keep the interview as short as possible, please gather all relevant information regarding the following prior to your scheduled call:

  • Your medical history- including doctor visits and prescription drug history with name and dosage of your prescribed medication if any.
  • Smoking history
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Driving record
  • Foreign travel (past and future)
  • Drug use

Note that the interview may take longer if you have an extensive medical history.

2. Paramedical:

This quick exam usually takes place in your own home, by a health professional, and will not require you to disrobe. 

What to expect

In most cases, this involves little more than an interview about your past and current health status, your lifestyle and habits and a check of your height, weight, heart rate and blood pressure, plus you will need to provide a urine sample. You will also be asked about past illnesses and surgeries, medications you currently take and a list of the doctors you see.

Some people may be asked to provide a blood sample and you will be notified in advance if this is required. If additional tests are needed, for example an ECG, they will be done at a medical facility.


Before your exam be sure to...

  • Avoid caffeine for a few hours
  • Avoid alcohol beverages for 8 hours
  • Do not smoke for one hour
  • Skip the gym and any strenuous activity for 12 hours
  • Drink plenty of water

If you are having blood taken...

  • Wear short sleeves or a shirt with sleeves that can easily roll up
  • No food for 8-10 hours prior to your appointment unless you suffer from a medical condition that does not allow for fasting
  • Avoid the gym for 24 hours after having blood drawn

Regardless of whether you have a paramedical or telephone interview, your advisor will be kept informed of the progress of your application. Should you have any questions or concerns about the application process, do not hesitate to contact your advisor.