Make your dream retirement a reality

Even if you love your job and your life right now, most people dream about what life will be like when they retire. For some, that dream includes travel. Lots of travel. For others, it’s a house in the county where they can enjoy everything nature has to offer right at home. Whatever your dream retirement looks like, one thing is the same for everyone – you’ll need to fund that dream. How much will you need? And, where will the money come from? Those are questions that you can begin to answer today.

You can help built that retirement nest egg today

Now that you know your savings, CPP/QPP and pension income may not be enough to fund the retirement of your dreams, you may want to consider a universal life (UL) insurance policy as an additional way to help protect what you have today, while supplementing a more comfortable tomorrow. Your financial advisor can help you understand how a UL policy can provide you with a potential source of supplemental retirement income and how Living Benefits(4), an additional, no-cost benefit included with an ivari UL policy, can significantly add to your peace-of-mind when you are older.

References and Notes

  4. Under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and at the date of publication of this website, the receipt of Living Benefits is not currently taxable. ivari does not guarantee nor is it responsible for the tax treatment applicable to this policy feature. Please consult your legal or tax advisor for an opinion on this matter in relation to your particular circumstances.

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