Two products…five points of protection

Looking for a complete solution to meet your clients’ needs? ivari has you covered!

Our WFG-exclusive prosperity Universal Life plan,* coupled with a Critical illness rider, offers clients all this under just one policy:

  1. Income protection – through a universal life plan
  2. Tax-deferred investment growth – with 0% interest option fee on managed index options
  3. Access to Living Benefits – surrender charge-free access to the fund value that may be tax-free** upon a qualified disability***
  4. Everest Funeral Concierge Services† – 24/7 assistance for funeral planning
  5. Virtual Healthcare by Maple† – provides access to Canadian doctors from anywhere, anytime

* With a base face amount of $100,000 of more.

** Under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and at the date of publication, the receipt of Living Benefits is not currently taxable. Applicable legislation and regulatory expectations may change, and it is your client’s responsibility to determine how applicable laws apply to them. ivari does not guarantee the tax treatment of its product features. ivari is not responsible for the tax consequences that may affect your client. Please ensure your client consults a qualified legal or tax advisor when they wish to access the Living Benefit to obtain an opinion in relation to their circumstances.

*** Please refer to the contract for information on what qualifies as a disability and other eligibility requirements. Disabilities caused by pre-existing conditions do not qualify. Other restrictions or conditions may apply. A payment of the Living Benefit may result in an adjustment to the face amount and will reduce the death benefit and total fund value of the policy.

† The Everest service is only available if the prosperity UL policy is in effect. Virtual Healthcare by Maple and Everest Funeral Concierge Services are non-contractual benefits and subject to program availability. ivari and its affiliates are not liable for the quality or availability of the products or services offered by Maple Corporation, Everest Canada LLC, or any of their affiliates