Find out what makes ivari’s underwriting next level

The underwriting team at ivari takes customer service to the next level, making the process of securing insurance protection for your clients as fast and easy as possible.

ivari’s next level underwriting includes:

  • Experienced hypotheticals to help guide clients in the right direction.* You can even book a pre-submission consultation with our Underwriting Consultant!
  • A commitment to a 48-hour underwriter handling time and fast turnaround with an average of 19 days from application submission to settlement.
  • Immigration guidelines with no minimum residency requirements or special medical requirements based solely on their immigration status.
  • Non-smoker rates for most cannabis users. As long as the client does not vape or consume other tobacco/nicotine products, we consider cannabis use at non-smoker rates.

And, when the time comes, our claims process is not only fast and easy, but we pay 99% of claims received.

Here are 10 tips from our underwriting team to help you with your business.

* Hypotheticals are based on limited medical and lifestyle information and should only be used as a guideline. Hypotheticals can only be accessed through your ivari Sales Team.