Important Underwriting requirements information

Earlier this month, the Underwriting team announced that when your clients need Age/Amount requirements with blood or urine, you now have the choice to request a telephone interview or a paramedical exam. This means that ivari will not automatically order a telephone interview from ESP when required per the Age/Amount requirements.

Please take note that the choice of selecting a paramedical exam instead of a telephone interview is only available when Vitals/Labs are also required and can be ordered from either Dynacare or ExamOne as a regular ivari Underwriting Requirement.

Please refer to ivari’s Age & Amount Underwriting Requirements Chart Life Insurance Products & Critical Illness Protection - LP2027.

And review the updated Underwriting Requirements flyer - UW2048, which details the current UW requirements, along with past requirements and other items.


- If the Healthy History questions for non-medical cases are not completed in the eApp, a Telephone interview must be ordered.

- If Labs (blood and urine) are not required and the requirements are showing only a Telephone interview (T), then only a Telephone interview should be ordered. The Telephone interview with ExamOne or Dynacare will speed up the process.

- The eApp must be fully complete when the Face Amount is in the non-medical categories (A). By fully completing the eApp, the applicant can be instantly approved, and the policy is instantly issued!

Contact your Underwriting team with any questions!