Fund Facts and Performance Updates

In this section, you will find investment information for both our segregated funds and our index interest options for our universal life plans (for select plans only).

All existing segregated fund products that are available under the investment product line of business:


  • Are closed to new policies/new sales
  • Are closed to additional deposits (including PACs)
  • Transfer/switch between funds are permitted.

Yearly Fund Fact Pages

Our yearly December 31st Fund Fact pages are available for all segregated funds, including the Variable Investment Options (VIO) under some universal life products. These pages will provide you with detailed information about the investment option.

Monthly Performance Updates

Our monthly Performance Updates pages are available for the ivari GIF segregated fund contract and some universal life products (i.e. ivari Universal, EstateAdvantage and WealthAdvantage, prosperity). These pages will provide you with detailed information about the investment option.

Rates of Return & Prices

You can access the monthly performance (Rates of Return) of the investment option line-up for all universal life products and all segregated funds, through our Performance Report By Product section.

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Life Product Challenger* Universal Life (UL) fund lineup changes coming in November 2020:

ivari will be closing 12 Variable Investment Options (VIOs) on or about November 17, 2020 and will be offering a default reallocation to an active segregated fund currently available in the contract i.e. Asset Allocation Fund (VIO). Please see the following links for the Policyholder Sample Notice letter to impacted policyholders.

*This will only affect Challenger contracts Rate Scale 9 and Rate Scale 0. Please note that no other Challenger contracts are affected by these changes.

ivari CI Portfolios are available as Guaranteed Investment Portfolios within select ivari segregated funds contract (Investment Products) and as Managed Portfolio Index Interest Options within select ivari Universal Life products (Life Products). To learn more about these portfolios, please visit