Steps you can take after a cancer diagnosis

A diagnosis for you or a loved one can leave you feeling lost.

There is no way to sugarcoat it. A cancer diagnosis is tough, and it can make you feel helpless, lost, and confused. If you or a loved one has just received one, these tips can help you navigate this journey.

  1. Write down questions to ask before appointments with healthcare providers. Make sure to ask what the exact diagnosis is and how it was determined, what the cancer stage is, what the different treatment options are, and whether or not clinical trials are available.
  1. Seek information from reputable online sources. The Canadian Cancer Society,, and can all provide accurate medical information.
  1. Consider getting a second opinion. In many cases, it can be as simple as asking for a referral from your current oncologist.
  1. Review lifestyle habits. If you have your doctor’s approval, try to optimize lifestyle habits for better health, ahead of treatment. Quit smoking, reduce alcohol intake, wear sunscreen, and maintain a healthy weight.

Cancer can feel overwhelming, but starting with these simple steps can help you move forward after your diagnosis.

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