What can a financial planner do for you?

Do you hear people talk about their “financial planner” and wonder if you should have one, too? If you have financial goals but you’re not sure how to achieve them, then, yes, a financial planner might be just what you need.

What does a financial planner do…exactly?

A financial planner will work with you to define your financial goals and understand your life insurance needs. They will then create a path, with specific steps along the way, to help lead you to those goals.


Most people look at their financial situation in three parts: plan, protect and provide. A good financial planner can help by providing advice for all three of these.

1. Plan:

A good financial planner will create a plan only after assessing your current financial situation and asking about your future goals. You can get a head start on this process by using a tool like My Insurance View from ivari.

2. Protect:

Life insurance, critical illness insurance and long-term care protection should all be considered a part of your financial planning. There’s no point in planning for financial security without also protecting it.

3. Provide:

Most financial planning includes legacy planning. Legacy planning is how you prepare to leave your assets to a loved one, next of kin or even a charity. A financial planner can help you organize your assets to maximize the amount that is passed along while minimizing the amount paid in taxes after your death.

How well do you think you understand your current financial situation?

Our fun and interactive Financial Challenge quiz will give you a good idea of your current level of financial knowledge and will help prepare you for meeting with your financial planner.