Let’s get happy!

Are you looking for MORE happiness in your life? There are some very simple…and very FREE, things that you can do right now to increase your happiness as you age.

If you’re happy and you know it…

  • Give more
  • Connect more
  • Appreciate more
  • Try more
  • Move more

Give more!

This is not just about money! Think about the last time you did something for someone else. Maybe you volunteered… perhaps you held the door open for someone whose hands were full. How did that make you feel? Helping others has shown to make us feel happier and less stressed.

Connect more!

There are two roads to connecting and they both end with you being happier. The first involves close connections – like family and friends. These people help make you happy by providing support and stability. The second is broad connections. These groups, where people share a similar purpose, provide you with sense of belonging and being a part of something bigger than just yourself.

Appreciate more!

This one is so important. In fact, research has shown that regardless of whether you have a lot or very little wealth, happiness can be yours if you have one key trait, and that’s gratitude.

Try more!

Trying new things, whether that’s a musical instrument, a new language or a new activity, can have a very positive effect on your happiness. Every achievement, no matter how small, gives you a sense of accomplishment and that is a direct pathway to happiness.

Move more!

This one is purely chemical! Exercising releases “happy chemicals” into your brain like endorphins and dopamine. And the more you exercise, the more these chemicals get sent to your brain and the happier you will be. Simple as that.

ivari Wellness Quiz

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