Term 30 from ivari – not your regular term insurance

ivari has the right insurance solution for every client whether they are looking for permanent coverage, a term policy or critical illness protection. For clients who have a long-term, but temporary, need for protection, our unique Term 30 with SelectOptions could be the right choice for them.

Long term coverage for long-term commitments

Term 30 with SelectOptions from ivari is right for:

  • Clients with long-term debt, like a mortgage
  • Clients who want income protection that lasts throughout retirement
  • Parents who want to secure their children’s future insurance coverage at guaranteed rates


Term 30 with SelectOptions automatically renews at year 30 providing permanent coverage with level premiums payable to age 100.

What are SelectOptions?

These are unique features available between the 15th and 20th coverage anniversary and include:

Select30 – Allows clients to stop paying premiums and reduce the amount of insurance coverage for the remainder of their 30-year term, after which the policy terminates.

SelectLIFE – Provides paid-up lifetime final expense coverage with the ability to stop paying premiums, reduce the amount of insurance coverage and extend their coverage for life.

SelectVALUE – Lets clients access the cash value* of their policy.

* In one of two ways: Surrender or decrease your coverage and access your policy’s cash value; or, Convert to one of our eligible universal life policies and the cash value will be used as a tax-deferred bonus credit In accordance with the current Income Tax Act regulation.