ivari’s Healthy Steps Program

As a life insurance company, we have a close understanding of what it takes for people to lead long and healthy lives. It takes practicing healthy habits like eating well, and getting enough exercise – habits that are best formed when they’re learned as children.

That’s why ivari is committed to supporting programs that help give children and teens the knowledge and preparation they need to get a head start to lifelong healthy living.

Amount of funding: Up to $25,000

Our Funding Strategy

Who we fund

ivari’s Healthy Steps Program supports organizations that help teach children (18 and under) skills that empower them to develop healthy habits, particularly in areas such as:

  • Active living
  • Healthy eating
  • Health education

Evaluation criteria

  • Organizations must be Canadian-registered charities.
  • Projects must take place in Canada.
  • Projects/programs should align with our funding strategy to help empower children to develop healthy habits.
  • Programs should have specific objectives and measurable outcomes.

Application Process

  1. Submit an application form.
  2. Selected applicants will be invited to present to the employee-run Charitable Giving Committee.