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Fund Facts and Performance Updates

In this section, you will find investment information for both our segregated funds and our index interest options for our universal life plans (for select plans only). Here you can find:

Yearly Fund Fact Pages

Our yearly Fund Fact pages (available for all segregated funds and some universal life products). These pages are designed to provide you with detailed information on the investment option including information such as sales charges, some “Quick Facts” about the investment option, including the date the investment option became available within the Contract, the total value of the investment option, and the Management Expense Ratio (MER) of the investment option among other details about the investment option.

Monthly Performance Updates

Our monthly Performance Updates (available for ivari GIF segregated fund contract and some universal life products. You can access the performance of the investment option line-up for all universal life products through our Performance Report By Product section). These pages are designed to provide you with more timely information on the performance of the individual investment option/segregated fund option including information such as the compound returns, calendar year returns as well as historical performance return of the Fund or its peers.

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Financial statements

* The actual holding (refers to “Top investments of the fund” in the Fund Facts) as of December 31, 2016 was ishares Core MSCI Europe ETF (and not SPDR Stoxx Europe 50 ETF as presented in the 2016 financial statement for this Fund).