My Investment Profile tool

Help clients make the most of their ivari universal life policy.

A prosperity Universal Life insurance policy provides both a tax-free death benefit and a savings component. The savings part can be directed into a wide variety of investment options to support the buildup of your client’s investment value over time and that matches their level of risk tolearance. Investment growth within a universal life plan is tax-deferred offering an efficient way of growing your client’s investment, while providing them valuable insurance coverage.

My Investment Profile tool from ivari

The new online “My Investment Profile” tool can help determine a suitable investment risk profile for your client based on their needs, current financial situation and personal goals.

Here’s how it works:

  • My Investment Profile asks 10 simple questions to help assess your client’s financial situation, their investment risk tolerance, investment timeframes, and future goals.
  • Each answer is assigned a value that is totaled upon completion to provide an investment profile.
  • The tool will recommend investment portfolios best suited to one of five investment profiles: Very Conservative, Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive, and Very Aggressive.

My Investment Profile tool, along with your professional guidance can help clients make the right investment choice within their universal life insurance plan.