The healthier you are…the more you need critical illness insurance

It may seem strange to think about needing insurance when you’re young and healthy, but that’s exactly what critical illness insurance is for.

Common sense will tell you that if you are young and healthy, your chances of surviving a critical illness like a heart attack or cancer is much greater than if you are older and not in good health. Also, thanks to medical advances, many people today can survive illnesses that were fatal just a few decades ago. But survival does come with a price.

The cost of surviving a critical illness

Survivors will tell you that recovering from a critical illness and managing their life during and after treatment wasn’t easy. In addition to physical challenges and family stress, a critical illness can also take a financial toll. Along with lost wages, there may be unexpected medical costs such as private nursing or the need for home modifications and mobility devices like a wheelchair.

How Critical Illness Protection can help

Critical Illness Protection from ivari pays out a one-time, tax-free*(1), lump-sum benefit if you are diagnosed with one of the conditions covered. You can use the money however you wish. Some people choose to use it towards unforeseen expenses, some use it to replace a spouse or caregiver’s income during their recovery and some use it to celebrate good news from their medical team with a well-deserved and relaxing vacation.

Available in two different coverage options, Critical Illness Protection from ivari can be purchased on its own, or it can be layered, as a rider, onto your new ivari Universal policy.

Critical Illness Protection from ivari starts to help before a diagnosis

Any critical illness policy from ivari comes with access to Expert Medical Opinion Service (EMOS). Provided by Advance Medical, EMOS gives you the opportunity to have your case reviewed by a team of medical specialists who will provide your health care professional with an opinion including diagnosis and recommendations. And this service is available, at no cost, for you and your family with no limits on the number of times you can use it.

Find out if critical illness from ivari is right for you . Your advisor can help explain all the many features and benefits, as well as the limitations and exclusions of a critical illness policy from ivari.

*(1) Under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and at the date of publication, the receipt of Critical Illness Benefits is not currently taxable. ivaridoes not guarantee nor is it responsible for the tax treatment applicable to this policy feature. Please consult your legal or tax advisor for an opinion on this matter in relation to your particular circumstances.