Information Organizer

When an emergency strikes, finding important personal information can mean the difference between life and death.

This Information Organizer will keep all personal, medical and financial information easily accessible for anyone who may need to access it on your behalf during an emergency.

Keep your personal information private

Your personal finances are no one's business but your own and who you chose to share it with.

However, in an emergency, trusted individuals may need to access your information. That's why we divided this up into two sections.

Section 1: Personal Emergency Information

  • Update annually
  • File in a secure location in your home and with your lawyer and/or advisor
  • Do not distribute but, rather, let trusted individuals know where to find this information should the need arise

Section 2: Financial Information

This information can be printed and kept in your home as well as emailed to trusted individuals.

  • Update annually
  • Distribute only to your most trusted family and friends

Please be aware that the people you share this information with will always have access to personal identifiable information about you