Let’s talk about…investment products

We offer individual funds or a complete managed solution. Your advisor can help you choose the investment products that are right for you.

Segregated Funds

Segregated funds are investment funds you select within an insurance contract. They provide the benefit of insurance guarantees while allowing you to diversify your investments.


A popular choice for people who want a steady stream of income in their retirement years.

Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA)

With a SPIA you get guaranteed regular payments made to you for life, or for a specific period of time, in return for a lump sum premium.

Guaranteed Interest Accounts (GIA)

Similar to Guaranteed Interest Certificates (GIC) offered by banks, a GIA which is issued by an insurance company pays a predetermined interest rate on the entire value of the original investment for a set period of time and are ideal for those looking for capital security.

Inforce products

"Inforce products" are segregated fund contracts that were issued beginning in the 1970s and up until 2009. Currently, all of these products are either capped or closed. If you own one of these products, ivari will continue to honour your policy, and the terms of your contract will remain unchanged.

Capped policies

If the policy you own is capped, you may still make contributions to your existing policy.

Closed policies

If your policy is closed, you may continue to hold your policy but you may no longer make contributions.