Retirement planning

At ivari, we offer various investment products, solutions and plan types designed to carry you through your investment life – from saving to receiving a regular retirement income – and all the goals in between. Whether you are starting out or closing in on retirement, your advisor can help you find the solutions that meet your needs.

Saving solutions

At ivari, we want to help make saving easy, so that your investment goals are always within reach. We also understand that you want your hard-earned assets protected.

Our ivari Guaranteed Investment Funds feature a wide variety of segregated funds that range from individual funds to portfolio solutions. The ivari GIF offers you a great combination of growth and protection through extensive investment options and insurance guarantees.

Whether you want to focus on growth, income or a balance between the two, our lineup is designed to help you achieve your financial goals and provide you with the reassurance that comes with knowing your investments are protected by insurance guarantees.​

Income solution

Income investments are vital to investment planning. The vast majority of investors require at least some of their portfolio in income products. Age, time horizon and personal circumstances are factors that will help you and your financial advisor to determine the type of investment you need.

That's why at ivari we offer a range of options as diverse as your needs. Whether you want to generate an income from your savings or balance your existing portfolio, ivari has the answer. We offer the following products: