Investing solutions

We offer a variety of investment solutions to meet a variety of needs. Your financial advisor can help you structure an approach to your investments, which takes into account your personal investment style, your financial goals and your tolerance for risk. Whether you want to build a nest egg, secure a retirement income or have something completely different in mind, ivari has the breadth of choice to meet those needs.

Your financial goals

Some things to consider before you meet with your advisor:

  • What are the funds for?
  • When will you need them?
  • How comfortable are you with fluctuations in the value?
  • What type of guarantees are your looking for?

This is not a complete list but these are some of the more important variables you will need to discuss with your advisor. Through a detailed discussion, your advisor will develop an understanding of what investments might suit you best.

Pay yourself well and for a long time

Talk to your advisor about setting up Pre-Authorized Chequing (PAC).  This is where funds are automatically transferred from your bank into an investment on a regular basis.  By automating your approach and paying yourself with discipline you will also be implementing a strategy known as “dollar-cost averaging” where you invest regularly whether the market is performing strongly or poorly.  When the markets drop, your regular contribution will purchase more units and when the market performs well of course, your contribution will purchase fewer units.  Dollar-cost averaging tends to smooth out the volatility of your investments. It is also a convenient and disciplined strategy to build a portfolio and reach your long-term financial goals.

Choosing your investments - asset allocation

Derived from Nobel Prize-winning research, asset allocation operates on the principle that the balance of assets within your portfolio has a greater impact on both risk and returns than the individual stocks or bonds selected.

Risk is measured as the degree of fluctuation – both positive and negative – in the returns of your portfolio. Asset allocation aims to produce the highest expected rate of return possible at the level of risk that you choose.

What kind of investor are you?

Before you can understand what kind of investor you are, your advisor will need to perform a thorough analysis of your personal financial circumstances and tolerance for investment risk. This critical process will, in turn, guide your advisor in discovering what combination of ivari investment solutions are appropriate for you.

At ivari we have several managed portfolio solutions that provide ongoing monitoring to ensure that the balance remains consistent.  Through the ivari Guaranteed Investment Funds contract – your advisor has access to portfolios managed by Franklin Templeton and CI Investments.