CE credits – Your licence depends on them

As a life insurance advisor in Canada, you are required to take ongoing learning and development courses to maintain your licence. Just like any other specialized career, you need to ensure that your skills and knowledge are current so you can best help your clients.

Licensing varies from province to province and can change, so it is important to know and review your province’s requirements regularly or consult the annual CLHIA Agent Licensing Requirements document. In order to keep track of your training activities and your overall progress, we suggest that you set up a spreadsheet detailing all your training activities. This will make your annual/bi-annual reporting easier.

No matter what stage of the business you are in, continuing education keeps you sharp and helps set you up for success. And, while there are specific regulatory course requirements for all provinces (i.e., ethics, compliance, etc.), you can also take courses on topics that interest you or are specific to your business.

There are many ways you can earn your credits, including:

  • in-person seminars
  • webinars
  • online learning in your own time

At ivari, we can help you achieve your professional development goals. The ivari Learning centre offers courses on a variety of topics relevant to your business. We also host webinars and in-person seminars throughout the year - check in with your local sales team to learn more.

For more information visit the Let’s talk about…CE credits page on ivari.ca.

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