New ivari Universal… it’s all good

Our new ivari Universal product provides your clients with choice, flexibility, value and the guarantees they need for today and into the future.

It’s all good!


An ivari Universal policy offers clients the choice of bonus or no bonus:

ivari Universal with bonus

ivari Universal with bonus is ideal for clients that are younger and have a long-term investment outlook.

ivari Universal no bonus

ivari Universal no bonus is ideal for clients who prefer to have a more direct connection to their investment choices over a short- or long-term horizon.


ivari Universal has been designed to give clients the ultimate in flexibility by allowing them to:

  • change their premiums, death benefit and investment options as their needs change
  • add additional riders and benefits to suit their protection needs and budget


ivari Universal supports the buildup of your client's fund value over time by focusing on investments that match their level of risk tolerance.


Guarantees provide the peace of mind that key aspects of your client’s policy cannot be changed.

Guaranteed Cost of Insurance (COI) rates

The COI rates per $1,000 of face amount are set when the policy is put in force and they are guaranteed not to change unless the policy is altered.

Guaranteed provincial premium tax

ivari Universal rates include the cost of provincial premium tax and this cost is locked in. This means that if the province in which your client lives decides to increase the premium taxes in the future, their premiums will not increase.

Guaranteed policy fee

The policy fee is guaranteed to remain at $8 per month.

Guaranteed availability of interest options

We guarantee to have at least four Index Interest Options available for the savings portion of your client’s policy (subject to availability). We also guarantee the availability of at least one Fixed Rate Interest Option with a guaranteed minimum interest rate of 0.85% for ivari Universal  with bonus and 2.00% for ivari Universal no bonus.

Guaranteed minimum returns

Five and 10 year fixed-rate interest options pay minimum guaranteed rates of 0.35% and 0.85% for ivari Universal with bonus and 1.50% and 2.00% for ivari Universal no bonus respectively.

Guaranteed total fees

The guaranteed total fee is the daily fee stated as the guaranteed total fee for a particular Passive Currency Neutral Index Interest Option. This amount is guaranteed not to change.

Interest Option fees

This is the daily fee for a particular Index Interest Option which is guaranteed not to change for the Managed Index Interest Options and Passive Index Interest Options.

Guaranteed Bonus*

ivari Universal with bonus rewards your clients for making consistent minimum premium payments through an Accumulation and Performance Bonus. The qualification and formula for both the bonuses are guaranteed.

  • Accumulation Bonus: This bonus recognizes that your clients have made consistent payments on their policy. This provides a minimum fixed level bonus for the life of the policy.
  • Performance Bonus: This bonus is based on the performance of the funds chosen and will increase as the performance of the funds increase.

* Applies to ivari Universal with Bonus.

ivari Universal, bonus or no bonus, might be right for your clients if they want to:

  • Help protect their retirement savings in case of an occupational disability or a disability caused by 26 critical illnesses, including the need for long-term care.*
  • Enhance their retirement income.
  • Leave a tax-free inheritance.

* Some restrictions may apply. Refer to the provisions in the contract for more details.

Start the conversation about the need for ivari Universal life:

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