The Family Wealth Transfer Strategy

The Family Wealth Transfer Strategy (FWTS) from ivari offers clients an affordable, efficient way to provide an inheritance for their children*(1) while maximizing the value of their financial gift.

By using a  Universal Life (UL) insurance policy as the vehicle to transfer non-registered assets, your clients immediately increase the value of their estate by minimizing income taxes and bypassing  probate and estate fees.

Creating a valuable gift

When meeting with clients, asking them the following questions will help you decide whether or not the Family Wealth Transfer Strategy from ivari is right for them. If any of these goals are a priority, then they should consider this strategy.

Ask your client if they would like to:

  • Provide financially for the future of their children?
  • Reduce the tax consequences of giving money to their children?
  • Maintain control of their assets until their children are ready to receive this gift?
  • Provide an inheritance for their children that is affordable?
  • Provide a gift for their children while they are still alive?

A gift for every stage of their life

Unlike traditional insurance solutions that provide benefits upon death of a parent, or grandparent, the FWTS is built around using a universal life (UL) insurance policy on the life of the child to transfer non-registered assets in a tax efficient manner.

Your clients will have questions…you’ll have the answers

We’ve put together a list of questions commonly asked by clients, along with answers that you can use to respond. These can be found in the Family Wealth Transfer Strategy Advisor Guide.

A client’s guide to the Family Wealth Transfer Strategy

For clients who are interested in learning more about this Strategy, you can send them the client-friendly version of the Family Wealth Transfer Strategy. This guide details the benefits of the Strategy in plain language that clients can easily understand.

The Family Wealth Transfer Strategy is available on the LifeView illustration software

In the LifeView software, the Family Wealth Transfer Strategy illustration is available under the Individual Sales Concepts menu. The Family Wealth Transfer Strategy illustration shows the benefits of universal life specific to the concept and allows comparisons with alternative investment strategies. LifeView also offers a dynamic PowerPoint presentation that is customized for your clients.

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*(1) The definition of child is very broadly defined and includes natural child, grandchild, adopted child, stepchild, child of a spouse; a person who, at any time before the person attained the age of 19 years, was wholly dependent on the parent for support and was in custody and control of the parent; a child of the person’s spouse or common-law partner, a spouse or common-law partner of the child. back