Build a solid future on a foundation of universal life

When it comes to securing their family’s future, it’s important for clients to start with a solid foundation built on Universal Life insurance (UL).

Universal life insurance is an ideal base upon which to build a family’s financial security because it provides insurance protection for life, includes a savings component that offers the opportunity for tax-deferred investment growth and provides a tax-free death benefit.

Investment selection

Clients can use My Investment Profile from ivari to help determine their investment style and risk tolerance to help guide them in selecting investments within their UL.

Client needs addressed by UL

After the UL foundation...then what?

With UL firmly in place, your clients can start to build a protection plan that works for their specific needs. You can personalize your client’s UL policy by layering term and critical Illness riders on their UL policy:

Layer it up with term riders for additional short term protection

Term insurance is in place for a specific amount of time – usually 10, 20 or 30 years. It is perfect for providing an additional layer of coverage to your client’s UL policy for times when they may need extra protection – for example, when they have a mortgage or for when post-secondary education expenses are still in the future.

Add the CI Protection Rider for complete protection

With a solid UL foundation and a layer of term insurance, your client’s protection plan is almost done. Now it’s time to consider one more layer - Critical Illness Protection. Clients can choose from 2 Critical Illness Protection Riders – 4-Condition Rider (covering the 4 most common critical illness conditions) or the more comprehensive 25- Condition Rider. Find out more about critical illness insurance from ivari.

Start the conversation

A good place to start the conversation about a layered insurance solution with clients is with My Insurance View. This online tool helps clients understand how much insurance they need and for how long they will need it. Share My Insurance View with clients today.