Welcome to AppVantage by ivari!

We’re making improvements to our electronic application which will make it easier to use with upgraded performance! With AppVantage, your business gets settled quicker, so you get paid faster and your clients get protected sooner.

It’s fast and professional!

Submit an application in 20 minutes or less on any device!

Enhance your professional brand and build your business more efficiently!

AppVantage benefits


  • Easy-to-use
  • Helps you build your business while reducing submission costs
  • Is available to be used non face-to-face

AppVantage lets you:

  • Work more efficiently and submit applications instantly online
  • Ensure your application is complete to avoid having to go back to the client
  • Keep your clients’ information secure
  • Get your business settled quicker and get paid sooner

Other benefits:

  • Copies of the application and illustration are sent to your distributor electronically and available to you online
  • Handles split agents effectively
  • Available on tablet/iPad as well as computer/laptop
  • Available for use with all ivari insurance products

Watch a demonstration of how to use AppVantage.

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