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What’s new in LifeView 12.6?

Three important updates!

  1. New! Extended Insurance Coverage (EIC) projections
  2. Change to the investment offering in ivari Universal Life contracts
  3. Updated rates for TERMSelect 10 year and 20 year standalone plans - with no changes to TERMSelect riders on ivari Universal Life policies

Transition Period

All applications submitted on or after August 27, 2018 must be accompanied by a LifeView 12.6 illustration.

How to get your copy of LifeView 12.6:

There are convenient ways to quickly access LifeView 12.6 directly from your computer:

  • Download the software when prompted in LifeView 12.5
  • Download the software from the ivari.ca website

or download now...

LifeView CD orders

Due to the very small number of LifeView CD orders we receive, we have decided to discontinue the production of LifeView CDs for order. As mentioned above, LifeView is available for download from your computer. If you still require a copy, please email us at communications@ivari.ca  and we will provide a small number of copies upon request.

For more information on LifeView 12.6, please contact your regional sales office by calling:

British Columbia








Thank you for your continued support.