New version of the imaxxGIF Kit (IP903T)

We have a new electronic Kit (eKit) for imaxxGIF effective June 1, 2023

New eKit on!

The new imaxxGIF eKit (IP903T 6/23 version) will be available online on June 1, 2023.

The “Transfer from a Registered Qualified Policy to an imaxxGIF Contract” eKit includes:

  • a Product Comparison Chart (IP1281) - PDF only,
  • an imaxxGIF Information Folder/Annuity Policy and Fund Facts (IP882)*,
  • Transfer from a Registered Qualified Policy to an imaxxGIF Contract Fillable Application Form (IP1212), and
  • imaxxGIF fillable application form (IP881). This application is only available for transfers from an existing GROWSafe 94 or IMS I, II, and III Contract registered as an RSP, LIRA or LRSP to an imaxxGIF Contract registered as a RIF, LIF, PRIF or RLIF.

* The Information Folder document can be downloaded for print. You can also request to have it printed and mailed to you by calling us at 1-800-846-5970, Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET.

The current enrolment kits (12/22 version) in circulation will only be accepted if all of the application’s sections are completed in their entirety and received “in good order” at Head Office on or before July 4, 2023.

Applications with the effective date of December 2022 or earlier received after July 4, 2023 will be considered “not in good order” and this may result in trade delays. You will therefore need to complete the imaxxGIF fillable application (IP881 6/23 version).

Where can you access the eKits?

To view the eKit, go to the Forms & Guides section.